Can I paint the Vinyl Siding on my home?

YES YOU CAN – There are two critical components to painting vinyl siding

The vinyl siding must properly be prepared!! All chalking, dirt, mulch spores (those tiny little dots that seem to appear out of nowhere on the low portions of your siding and shutters) and mildew must be removed or the paint will not adhere properly. You must choose a color that is as light as or lighter than the color of your existing siding! This is very important – all vinyl siding is manufactured to resist certain levels of heat and a darker color could trap in heat and warp or buckle your siding.

**What Finish (sheen) should I go with following selection of a desired color?

That is a question to discuss with a professional painter or qualified painting representative in any store but this may help in the meantime:

FLAT– Just as the name suggests, flat paints will have practically no shine to them after they have dried. While many homeowners choose a flat paint because of its smooth, clean appearance, be warned that flat paint, in most cases, collects dirt, and cannot be wiped down. However, flat paint – used in areas without high traffic – will hide most drywall imperfections (uneven drywall seam, nail pops) better than all other finishes. Product(s) that are most used in this finish: Sherwin Williams Cashmere and Benjamin Moore Regal

MATTE – A relatively newer option of finish, this has gained considerable popularity in the last 3 or so years. The matte finish is considered to be a “wipeable flat”. The matte finish has low sheen and excellent wipeability considering the low luster of the finish. Product(s) that are most used in this finish: Sherwin Williams Duration and Benjamin Moore Aura

EGGSHELL– For those who want a bit more protection without having to go too shiny will likely choose an eggshell finish. Providing the warm, smooth look of a matte finish, while adding just a touch of sheen for protection and easy wipeability, eggshell is often the preferred sheen for interior walls. Product that is most used in this finish: Sherwin Williams Pro-Mar 200 and Benjamin Moore “Ben Product”

SATIN – A step up from eggshell, the satin finish is great for kids’ rooms, where frequent cleaning of the walls might be necessary. Also used in kitchens, this shiny finish has excellent wipeablity and is excellent for heavily trafficked areas. On the other hand, as you increase the sheen of your finish, minor drywall imperfections will begin to be amplified requiring significant preparation to the walls.

SEMI-GLOSS – Semi-Gloss sheens are really reserved for trim work – both inside and outside the home. Semi-Gloss is excellent for baseboards, doorframes, doors and windows. I don’t recommend using a semi-gloss on interior walls due to the high amount of light it reflects – semi-gloss will also show all surface imperfections. Product(s) that are most used in this finish: Sherwin Williams Superpaint, Pro Classic & Duration

GLOSS – The glossiest of sheen has perhaps the fewest of all uses. Some uses include; shutters, doors and windows (primarily exterior). One beneficial factor of using a high gloss finish is the shell – high gloss has the hardest shell of all latex finishes and has superior wipeablity. Product most used in this finish: Sherwin Williams Duration – Exterior